Dear members of the Institute of Inorgnic Chemistry,

on Monday, December 2, 2019 we will welcome Dr. Nicole Jung from the Institute for Toxicology and Genetics and the Institute for Organic Chemistry at KIT as guest of our SFB colloquium.

The title of her talk will be: "Chemotion as Electronic Laboratory Notebook & Repository for Research". Chemotion is a powerful electronic lab notebook software package which is open access, can be hosted independently in each working group and can be adapted to the needs of the users! Who is interested, can have a look on the website of chemotion.

Who is really interested, can play around with a test account here. Please also have a look at the tutorial videos.

The colloquium will take place in the seminar room 202 (2nd floor) of the IAC, Landoltweg 1, at 16:00 h. There will be much time for concrete questions, so feel free to test the software with "your" chemistry and come along with questions.