We welcome Prof. Dr. Sindlinger!



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Christian Sindlinger

Prof. Dr.


+49 241 80 97312



We warmly welcome Junior Professor C. Sindlinger at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry. As of 01.10.21 he has accepted the professorship of "Molecular Structure of Condensed Matter with Large Data". Previously, Prof. Sindlinger was an independent group leader with a Liebig scholarship at the University of Göttingen at the chair of Prof. Stalke.

Prof. Sindlinger investigates the synthesis of boroles and other molecules of unusual electronic properties and states with a particular interest in structure elucidation of both – atomic connectivity and electronic structure.

He focuses on:

  • Antiaromatic heterocycles and their coordination chemistry
  • Low-valent main group compounds
  • Hydrides and element-hydrogen bonding of heavy elements
  • Experimental and computational methods of structure elucidation
  • Heteronuclear NMR spectroscopy – experimental and computational

For further information please visit the website of Prof. Dr. Sindlinger.