We welcome Prof. Dr. Kleemiß!



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Florian Kleemiß

Prof. Dr.



We warmly welcome Junior Professor F. Kleemiß at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry. As of 01.06.23 he has accepted the professorship of "Molecular Structure of Condensed Matter with Large Data". Previously, Prof. Kleemiß wason a Walter Benjamin Fellowship from the DFG at the University of Regensburg.

The Workgroup of Prof. Kleemiß uses, develops and improves models used for structure determination and molecular Bonding Analysis reinforced by experimental X-ray diffraction techniques.

The focus is on:

  • non-spherical diffraction data modelling
  • Development of new quantum mechanical and semi-empirical models for the description of (molecular) electron density
  • Conceptualization of an AI-model for the prediction of electron densities
  • Development and creation of a benchmark database of X-ray diffraction data
  • Systematic synthesis of structurally related compounds

Further information on the research activities can be found on the website of Prof. Dr. Kleemiß.